Client Testimonials and Thank You's

“David, thank you for this very thorough report. It is really exceptional compared to what the seller provided as a property inspection. Due to the extent of foundation work you noted, the seller agreed to reduce the selling price by $25,000.”
NG, San Francisco

“Many thanks David! It was really nice meeting you this morning. G. and I are such neophytes when it comes to home construction-related issues, that it was extremely helpful to have you walk through the details with us. It's good to know that on the whole, our new loft is sound!”
DD, San Francisco

“David is awesome and exactly what I was hoping for. The guy who did 26th Street really wasn't complete enough and really, it seems his tactics allow him to cut potentially too many corners. At least, as a buyer, I would much rather have someone like David, who goes over every single little thing rather than guessing where the problems might be.

Plus, the report from David is WAY better than the written report from the previous guy.”
MS, San Francisco (This email was sent to the agent, who forwarded it to us.)

“Hello David, I heard from M. that you are fabulous and thorough. Sorry I missed the inspection, but thank you so much for doing it. We love our condo and have spent years trying to maintain and improve it, so that the next people will be happy with it.”
YE, seller, San Francisco

“David, thank you so very much for your thorough report on the property at Clipper Street. We also appreciated your explanations and thought during the inspection itself on Friday. That was very helpful to us. Nice to know that we are going to be neighbors…”
LI, San Francisco

“Thank you for the timely response, David. I appreciate your thoroughness and willingness to answer all my questions. B. and I will read over your report and give you a call if we have any more questions.”
JS, San Francisco


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